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    [Huangrun Watches] What effect does traveltime precision of gravity to watch?

    Gravity to watch the effect of the precision when the basically has the following several aspects:

    1. The balance wheel balance spring system imbalance. That is, the focus of this system and the pendulum shaft axis misalignment phenomenon. Usually balance wheel balance spring system quality, for the most part, focused on the balance wheel itself, and the thickness of the balance wheel with diameter less than many, so the balance wheel balance spring system imbalance, also is the center of gravity of the thickness of the deviation will occur on a balance wheel in the plane of symmetry. Owing to the eccentricity of the system will directly affect the motion of the balance wheel cycle, cycle increased, watch walking will slow down. On the other hand, the cycle reduced, watch will be faster as well. Worse by methods of static balance and dynamic balance as far as possible the balance wheel of eccentricity reduce to minimum, the imbalance of cycle effect is to reduce the system the most direct and effective method. However, it is impossible to make absolutely no eccentric ideal balance wheel.

    2. Balance spring fixed point gravity effect, namely the balance spring gravity affect cycle. Because the balance spring in companding can't keep the shanpe of spiral of Archimedes, and therefore the focus of balance spring in motion will be effected according to the tracks are very complicated. Balance spring when the pendulum shaft placed additional torque developed by the center of  gravity of pendulum shaft is superimposed on the balance spring torque directly. Due to focus on pendulum shaft of  additional torque is nonlinear, and thus will make the system have isochronous error.

    3. Flat vertical pendulum shaft transformation location amplitude change. Pendulum shaft vertically, with journal of end face and bearing contact, and in the horizontal, with journal of cylindrical and bearing contact. Small friction torque of the former than the latter, this can make pendulum shaft vertically when the balance wheel of high amplitude than the horizontal. Because any a balance wheel balance spring system have some time difference, such as amplitude changes as a result, will cause a cycle chang accordingly.

    4. Tackled escapement gear shaft in the institutions and fork shaft and bearing axial or radial clearance. When vertically, journal of end face and bearing axial clearance, contact when horizontal, journal of cylindrical and bearing  radial clearance, contact causing escapement working status changes, has bit error.

    5. Gap between clip and hair spring affect cycle. Common system is through the toggle adjust the speed. Due to strike the balance spring do not get stuck with clip, hair spring and clip should have a certain gap between. When the watch is in different position, balance spring clip in the position will be changed for clearance, makes the hair length change of the practical work, leading to bits.

    The factors above, the balance wheel balance spring system imbalance, balance spring protection effect and gravity pendulum shaft transform flat vertical position amplitude change generated when a difference of three main factors. The first two factors can improve the balance wheel balance spring isochronous reduce error in the system, and the third factor can reduce the pendulum shaft flat vertical position between the balance wheel balance spring system energy consumption differences to achieve the purpose of reduce error. However, it is impossible to fully guarantee the balance spring and torsion pendulum's centre of gravity is constant, control the eccentricity of the balance wheel and hair spring there is a limit to technically, it is difficult to use traditional methods to solve these problems. Then, master of tabulation breguet proposed the tourbillon technology, this technology solved the watches from the working principle of the vertical position difference problem, it will balance wheel balance spring system and  tackled longitudinal agency placed on rotating frame, together in the work itself, at the same time also can rotate 360 degrees, can effectively compensate the balance wheel of gravity, the eccentricity of the balance spring movement, balance spring from the azimuth angle of position error, minimize the position error due to gravity caused by watch.

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